Ghost of Kyiv

Free Ukraine

With a sense of horror, anger and sadness I watch reports of Ukrainians fighting for their homeland, refugees seeking safety and slowly the best of humanity finding the resolve to beat back the Russian invaders.

This is history repeating itself, when madmen dictators look for opportunities to conquer others because they can.  Recall the beginning of WWII, when Europe gave way to Hitler's expansionism, appeasement was rampant until Germany steamrolled over all of Europe.

Now we are in 2022 and the lesson is learned once more.  With support from us all, Ukraine will survive and rebuild and Europe will be more vigilant for another generation or two.

I am thankful COBI has taken a stand for what is right and I draw your attention to two small ways to support Ukraine and the humanitarian needs of millions of refugees.

 An auction in support of Modlin Fortress and their efforts to house refugees from the war:

COBI Fans (OFFICIAL) | 📣 Licytacja z przeznaczeniem na pomoc uchodźcom z ogarniętej wojną Ukrainy 🇺🇦 | Facebook

Buy the Ukrainian Mig-29 "Ghost of Kyiv" when it becomes available:

There are many other ways each of us can help.

Here are a few charities that can make a difference:

Ukraine - how to help - Charity Intelligence Canada






Hi Scott

We are still waiting on confirmation about that.

Certainly, Brick Army would like to get a whole bunch of them.

They are a fundraiser for Ukraine refugees and an awesome set.

When we know, we will have it in a newsletter and on the website,

Brick Army Canada


Are you going to be selling the ghost Kyiv or do we have to order from cobi itself ( their freight charges are high )

scott anderson

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