What's COBI and CaDA?

COBI bricks come from Poland, the plastic is high quality, fit snugly and are compatible with Lego blocks.

COBI has a number of product lines, here at BrickArmy.CA we concentrate on the military gear - Aircraft, Ships and a wide range of Army stuff - tanks, trucks, artillery, and lots of soldier dudes with their weapons.

Our hope is to get a COBI set into your hand - because once you appreciate how well they are made, you'll want to start collecting.


What is CaDA?

CaDA is made in China. We carry their product line for 3 reasons. The quality of the plastic is great and is compatible with Lego. The designers are from around the world and are both paid and credited for their work. The sets are original and well designed. Most CaDA sets are advanced builds, so we recommend them for ages 14 and up. Younger builders may need asssistance with LED lighting and the complex technical gearboxes/motorization.

Sluban, Panlos, Wange,and Xingbao also come from China. All the plastic is decent quality, although Xingbao has hard edges that make your fingers sore after building for a few hours.  It's worth it to get a Gepard Flakpanzer or Mammut Tank Transporter!

We bring in the best military sets from each of these companies that we think are unique and really cool.