The Mission

Brick Army was started by Craig and Phaelan, a couple of big kids excited to discover COBI and share it with the rest of Canada.  Wasn't too long ago that we didn't know the brand, but once we held a COBI tank in our hands, we knew we wanted more and think you should discover them too!

From our humble start, we are now the #1 online store for COBI in Canada offering great customer service, prices and selection.  We save you the hassle and surprises of custom fees and exchange rates.

Our search for other great brands brought us to CaDA, another company that has great sets, credits the designers and offers both complex technical models, original buildings and lots of RC vehicles.  We continue to search for and offer other worthy additions to your collection.   


BrickArmy.CA is here to provide great service, great prices and get the greatest brick sets to your door so you can have fun building and enjoying little plastic bricks.