The Mission

We are a couple of big kids, excited to be involved with COBI.  Wasn't too long ago that we didn't know the brand, but once we held a COBI tank in our hands, we knew we wanted more and think you should discover them too!

BrickArmy.CA wants to be THE COBI armoury for Canadians, offering great prices and saving you the hassles and surprises of customs fees and exchange rates.

Top things about COBI we love?  Quality, Price and damn - they look and play awesome!

The plastic bricks are quality from Europe - Poland in fact, and made under EU standards, just like our other favourite bricks...

These sets rock!  In a few short years COBI has gone from generic military sets to super accurate models of aircraft carriers, battleships, tanks and planes.  Older sets used stickers but they are almost all printed bricks now.  We'll put a Sticker Warning on any set description that still has them.

Just look at the brand new A-10, F-14 and the Shermans and Tigers to see the details.  There's everything you need to put an army together on the brick battlefield, or fill the shelves in your house for display.

If you are just getting started, try one of the smaller 1:48 scale tanks - the price is terrific and while not as detailed, you can collect them all without denting the bank account.  We're pretty sure you'll want to move up to the bigger sets after you get a feel for COBI quality.

BrickArmy.CA is here to provide great service, great prices and get the greatest COBI military equipment to your door so you can have fun building and enjoying little plastic bricks.

Craig and Phaelan