Links to Fab stuff

Brick Meet - my favourite review website of military bricks

Brick Freaks Worldwide - my favourite review channel for Technic/Alt brick sets

Terry’s Live Steam, COBI & CaDA! - YouTube great little movies of sets and trains

TreeBark Productions - YouTube Top notch COBI animation

Keith Appleton - YouTube Model steam engines and how to use a metal lathe

SimHanger Flight Simulation - YouTube Getting the most out of MS FS2020

Fx Bricks Programable bricks & metal Lgauge track system (use with COBI trains)

COBI SA - YouTube Latest and greatest news, sets and MOCs

Brick Army Canada | Vancouver BC | Facebook Our very own FB page!

Battery Powered Bricks Super Youtube channel - Lego Train repairs, mods, RC improvements and more good stuff - get out your soldering iron!

TrixBrix plastic various Lgauge track geometries and switch automation