1.Free Soldier Packs?  Spend $200 and receive a free COBI soldier pack of your choice, subject to availability.  Once your shopping cart has $200 in it, add a soldier pack and it will be free!  Offer does not apply for Pre-Orders as they come with Gift Certificates instead.  Offer does not apply to set #3041.

2.Pre-Order?  What's that about?  Select new sets released by COBI are available early for Pre-Order.  This guarantees you your set and comes with a $10 Gift Certificate.  Pre-Order allows us to know the demand for a new set, and therefore how many to stock.  Add the set and $10 gift certificate, enter the code and Gift Certificate becomes free.  One code per order.  Free soldier pack is not applicable if gift certificate issued.

3.Where can I find online instructions?  Instructions for assembling Cobi bricks - Toy store Cobi.pl

4.Missing Piece? For COBI, follow this link: Missing blocks / Customer service - Cobi toys: internet shop and let us know, perhaps we have a spare we can send you.  For other brands, let us know and we'll get to work, getting you the missing parts.

5.Can I have a catalogue?   Yes, we put one in with every order unless we are out of them.  If you would like more, let us know.  

6.What's the return policy? Unfortunately, All sales are final.  If something is defective or missing, we will do our best to fix it.

If we have made a mistake, we will fix it. Your satisfaction is important to us.
You can always contact us at support@brickarmy.ca or (604) two two nine 0185