Giving thanks on Nov 11th.  For what and to whom?

Giving thanks on Nov 11th. For what and to whom?

I am a fortunate son.  Grew up in a safe country.  Loving parents.  Opportunities to try some different career choices.  Flipped burgers, pumped gas, joined the army and eventually found a job that I liked more and it paid the bills while I raised some kids of my own.

Never been bombed by a neighbouring country.  Never had secret police come knocking.  Never missed a day without eating.

For so many around the world, that is not their story.  And over the years, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have gone away to defend those people from aggression.  So many have died, so many have returned home with injuries inside and out.  How many Canadians today would be willing to sacrifice their lives so that others can live fortunate lives?

We don't live in a perpetually enlightened world of peaceful existence and brotherly love.  We try to, but must be willing to take up arms and defend each other when bullies use their might to conquer others.  I think we are doing the right thing in Ukraine today.  We can give more, it is a token compared to what Canada has given in the past.

As a Dad, I wondered about the morality of giving COBI military toys to children.  Once they are school age, I think it's a great way to foster most children's natural instinct to help, to do what is fair and right - and a doorway into learning about history: the righteous wars, the dirty wars and the ones in the middle.   

War is not past us, it always looms and we need Canadians willing to stand up to bullies, to deter war and to defend against it.  We are in debt to those who fought for us.  Lest We Forget.

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