My Favourite Aviation Movie of 2022

My Favourite Aviation Movie of 2022


Top Gun Maverick was entertaining and brings the Maverick cheesy-ness to the big screen.   Apart from the Tomcats and Iceman showing up, it was mostly a closeup lovefest for T Cruise.   Good fun as always.

Now let's get down to business.  Fire up 2000 horses in a two row Double Wasp radial engine and you've got a soundtrack.  The true story of Jesse L Brown fighting on more than one front - Korean War, Carrier ops and being the first African-American pilot in the US Navy makes for a compelling story.

The title is significant for more than one reason.  What's special about this movie is the time is gives to Jesse's relationship with his wife and daughter, themselves isolated in a neighbourhood of conservative white families.  His friendship with his wingman Thomas Hudner goes to the extreme - I'll let you watch the movie or read about it yourself - certainly deserving of the Medal of Honor that was given.

I've waited until now to write about this movie as I wanted to connect it to the latest COBI F4U Corsair - a much improved fuselage shape and rather special because it features the pilot figure of Jesse Brown.  The box art and promotion does not proclaim this loudly - COBI doesn't have a licensing agreement with the movie - so I wanted to bring your attention to it.   The true story, the great movie and an awesome Corsair to build. 

F4U-4 Corsair #2417 – Brick Army Canada

here's the other side of the conflict:

MIG-15 #2416 – Brick Army Canada

if you don't have a COBI Tomcat from Top Gun yet, we should have them again next month.   Still the best jet model in my opinion...


Brown in the cockpit of a Grumman F8F 'Bearcat' fighter (circa 1949), prior to deploying to Korea in late 1950  

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