News from the Toy Shed ep1

News from the Toy Shed ep1

Been a while since I've added to the blog here at Brick Army Canada, not for lack of ideas, but I got building this Toy Shed amongst other things.  Not with plastic bricks but real wood, a good amount of it recycled wood.  Learned a few things too.

So here it is along with a quick intro to the CaDA Summer Breeze Coffee Shop - a great little detail packed set with LED lighting.  Wiring the lights is a cool addition to regular brick construction.  And then it looks so much better when on display. (why is it dark in Legoland? - no longer!)

It is the first of 4 Japanese themed sets, eventually I will have a little neighbourhood set up on the table, but next thing I'm building is the CaDA T-90 tank with RC motorization C61003.

Stay tuned for that video


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