Stop Motion Animation with COBI and Lego - Fantastic Together!

Stop Motion Animation with COBI and Lego - Fantastic Together!

I've been enjoying YouTube movies this week, not the funny dog antics nor stupid human tricks.   No, something much more delightful, the marriage of COBI and Lego into stop motion animation scenes.

My old go-to was Eddie Izzard's Death Star Cantina - a perfect bit of hilarity and wet cafeteria trays.  That Lego stop motion has had 28 million views.  That's a pretty big number.   Hopefully Thorn2200 has retired on the YouTube royalties.  And I still like it!

This week I've been discovering COBI movies, specifically Lorax XYZ and TreeBark Productions.   These two creators have pushed their imaginations and skills to the limit with their historical recreations of WWII and some other great scenes including Top Gun carrier action.

Lorax has some mighty epic recreations - I find it fascinating to see how the backdrops, Lego scenery and action is created and brought to life.  It's kind of like seeing an old steam engine and following the mechanical movements of the push rods and wheels and stuff - all visible to the eye but still containing some magic or mystery.  I can mostly see how it's done, but I am wise enough to know I really don't know much.   But the effects are great - from a simple tank rolling thru a smashed town, to a major battle - and a delightful perspective of a bombing run.

Really, it's a joy to watch.   A little brutal in some parts, but that's lightened by a good old dancing number at the end.   Oh yes, there's music behind all the screaming and gunfire.   A well rounded production!  Congratulations Lorax - I'm impressed.

My next half day (it was Canadian Thanksgiving) was focused on the very polished creations of TreeBark Productions.  This creator is ready for the big leagues - Wallace and Gromit type of fame and respect.  These movies are imaginative and heavy on production values.  TreeBark is either a natural moviemaker or has a great producer - the movies are succinct, tastefully complemented by musical scores and full of special effects.   Submarine dives, periscope extensions, old timey silent movie dialogue screens - it's all rather fabulous.   I hope this creator finds the 28 million views of the Death Star Cantina and lives a life of comfortable royalties and more time to make movies.

Here's a grand introduction, the Call to Arms and one other - a busy day on a flat top - launching Tomcats from the catapult.  I'll let you enjoy discovering all the other goodies on the site.   One more mention - TreeBark has generously taken the time to make some instructional movies on how to create stop motion animation, perspective, realistic movement and so much more.   Pretty awesome to encourage others to follow.

Nice work folks - time for me to get creating too!


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