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CaDA Panther Tank with Remote Control 1:35 C61073

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$104.99 CAD
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$104.99 CAD
Designed By Maciej Szymański

This incredible replica of a 1943 German tank will let you relive the thrill of battle. With its working motor for driving and turret rotation, you will feel truly in the midst of the action. Attention to detail and historical accuracy make this tank a must-have for any serious collector. Whether you are an experienced veteran or a new enthusiast, the C61073W Panther Tank is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Authentic details: classic interleaved road wheels, exhaust and cooling systems, turret shield, and other details highly restored.

Manual barrel elevation.

Remote control function: 2.4GHz remote control allows for multi-car interaction, automatic frequency matching, ultra-long remote control distance, flexible vehicle rotation, and remote control operation for forward/backward/left/right movement and turret rotation.

Switch linkage design with button-style power switch and easy-to-remove charging port.

The perfect gift for WWII history enthusiasts and military model hobbyists.

Model Number.: C61073W

Difficulty: Low

Pieces: 907

Product Size: L28.8-W12-H9.6cm

Color Box Measure: L38-W30-H9cm

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