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CaDA Tiger Tank with Remote Control 1:35 C61071

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$104.99 CAD
Designed By Maciej Szymański

Tiger tank is a must-have for World War II enthusiasts and military model enthusiasts. The design of this mobile tank takes historical accuracy into consideration, with classic interleaved road wheels, exhaust and cooling systems, turret armor, and a high-speed machine gun, ensuring that every detail is as close to the real thing as possible.

You can use the 360-degree function to simulate the action of taking the enemy tank down by turning the turret in any direction.

Remote control function: 2.4GHz remote control allows for multiple vehicle interactions and automatic frequency matching, with a long remote control distance. The vehicle body is flexible in rotation, with remote control for forward/backward/left/right movement and turret rotation.

Switch linkage design, with a button-style power switch, which can be quickly pulled out to connect the charging port.

The perfect gift for World War II enthusiasts and military model enthusiasts.

Model Number.: C61071W

Difficulty: Low

Pieces: 925

Product Size: L61.6-W39-H40cm

Color Box Measure: L38-W30-H9cm