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CaDA Kitty's Grocery with LED lighting C66015

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The sun shines in the window of this Japanese grocery store, The Kitty in the flowerbed is stretching and basking in the sun. This is a Japanese-style two-story building. The first floor is a grocery store. There is bench for people to rest at the grocery door, as well as books and magazines to relieve boredom. The grocery is filled with a dazzling array of small commodities. The second floor is the attic rest area, and fish swim freely in the fish pond next to the balcony on the second floor. The cherry blossoms next to the grocery were in full bloom, so we stopped and sat on a bench to watch the cherry blossoms fall and listen to the kitty snoring.

Traditional Japanese two-story building, shop on the first floor: grocery. The second floor is a loft living room.There is a flower garden on the left side of the grocery store door and a bench on the right side. In the window is a lucky cat. Opening the wooden door, the grocery store is filled with small commodities. The back wall of the building can be opened to see the store furnishings in detail. There is a cherry blossom tree to the right of the grocery store. The second floor is the living room and fish pond, and the awning in the attic can be retracted and opened. Light up the included lighting fixtures to add a cozy feel to grocery. The left and right sides can be connected with other styles of buildings to form a unique commercial street.

Model Number.: C66015W

Difficulty: Medium

Pieces: 921

Product Size: L20.8-W20.8-H20cm

Color Box Measure: L30.7-W23.8-H11.9cm