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CaDA Long March 5B Launch Vehicle with LED lighting #C56032

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$155.99 CAD
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$155.99 CAD

Authentic Design: CaDA and CASCI joint design, genuine authorized flagship product, large scale building block model grade toy, with custom packaging & cotton, light line, the finished product display effect is shocking.

Two Sets of Appearance: The product incorporates a modification design so that the finished product has two sets of appearance to present. Appearance one is the basic model, restoring most of the details and separation functions of the Long March 5. Appearance two is to quickly remove the shell parts to show the internal structure form, built-in transparent module parts so that consumers can see the internal structure through easy disassembly.

Real Detachment Structure: The rocket is divided into 6 parts, each part can be assembled separately, restoring the real detachment structure of the rocket, reducing the difficulty of assembly, and can be put together as a whole after assembly. The product has a built-in probe and logger, which can be played with and displayed.

Expanded Functions: Combined with the matching lights, cotton, and barrel design packaging, it can simulate the stunning rocket launch scene.

Display Base: Comes with a display base and printed nameplate, making it perfect for displaying in any space.

Model Number.: C56032W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 1500

Product Size: L14.4-W14.4-H76cm

Color Box Measure: L60-H25cm