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D-Day Allied Forces #2055

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$17.99 CAD

A set of three COBI figures containing representatives of the Allied forces taking part in the D-Day operation (June 6, 1944). The set includes a Canadian soldier with a Lee-Enfield rifle. The British paratrooper is equipped with a Sten submachine gun. A member of the French Resistance Movement (French: La Résistance) holds a personal pistol and a hand grenade. Each figure comes with a base. With this set you can start collecting figures that match the great D-Day 1944 collection from COBI!

Thanks to various sets with figures you can quickly build your block army! You can use figures and accessories to build scenes and dioramas. You can also check out other sets with figures you’ll find in the soldier pack series!

35 high-quality elements
Produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition
The blocks meet the safety standards of products for children
Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Blocks with prints do not scratch or smear and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature
Clear and intuitive instructions based on illustrations and step-by-step directions
3 figures with accessories