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CaDA Koenigsegg Jesko Fantasma 1:8 C61048

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Designed by Dugald Cameron

Experience the ultimate thrill with the CaDA Master Fantasma Racing Car, a 1/8 scale supercar that promises an extraordinary experience. To enhance the manipulation experience of dynamic models, it is equipped with an Active All-Wheel Steering system and an independent wheel suspension system with a sway bar and rear stabilizer.

This supercar model features an openable deck lid, tri-axle door pillar, and automatic folding rearview mirror, making it a work of art that showcases the finest design elements.

Rear triple suspension system (buffering, shock absorption, and force transmission)

Front and rear hood opening and closing: control the opening and closing of the front and rear hoods by installing a tail knob

Door opening and closing: 3-stage gear, separately controlling the left rotating door to open, the right rotating door to open, and both doors to open simultaneously

Continuously Variable Transmission: 8 gears, shift gears by wobbling the lever. When in high gear, the rear wheels can be steered.

Speed brake control: The front of the car can adjust the swing of the bottom diffuser by adding a control knob.

Quick-release roof cover can be switched to convertible mode

Challenge high difficulty: This building block racing car model is specially designed for supercar fans, and the 4346-piece kit can take you several hours or even days to assemble.

Model Number.: C61048W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 4346

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L62-W26.5-H17cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W17.8-H37.3cm