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CaDA Goliath Articulated Dump Truck with Remote Control 1:17 C61054

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CaDA Articulated Dump Truck, designed by MOCer Eric Trax, is a highly accurate true-to-life scale model. Details in both structure and outlooking are second to none. Every aspect of the truck has been meticulously replicated, from the exterior details of the body to the complex mechanics and functionalities of the engine and body functions.

Opening the hood reveals a working six-cylinder engine.

The entire body function of the vehicle is controlled remotely.

The forward and backward movement is controlled by the L motor, which drives six-wheel drive, while simultaneously coordinating the piston movement of the simulated engine in the vehicle head, and setting up a six-wheel differential and a central differential.

The lifting and lowering of the truck bed are accomplished by controlling the L motor to drive the large push rod to extend and retract, and the pull rod is linked to open and close the truck bed cover.

The M motor is used to twist the vehicle head by extending and retracting two push rods to achieve the steering function.

Equipped with LED lights installed on the top of the driver's compartment and the rear of the truck, the vehicle lights can be controlled remotely to turn on and off.

A must-have for players who want to explore the world of engineering vehicles and construction

Model Number.: C61054W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 3067

Scale: 1:17

Product Size: L63.2-W19.7-H21cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm