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Lim-5 Polish Air Force 1959 #5824

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The Lim-5 fighter aircraft is a Soviet licensed Mikoyan MiG-17F built by the Polish aviation industry. The start of production of LIM aircraft in WSK-1 in Mielec resulted in a significant development of the aviation industry in Poland. Lim-5 aircraft were equipped with the WK-1F engine also produced under license. The first Lim-5 aircraft was received by the Polish air force in 1957. For just over 3 years of production, a total of 477 aircraft were created. The camouflage and markings of the model prepared by us refer to the historical aircraft, which is now a technical monument.

The LIM-5 aircraft model (MIG-17F ) was designed in a 1:32 model scale and consists of 575 high-quality elements. All markings and inscriptions on the model are prints that do not wear off during use. The set has movable elements such as wheels and an opening cabin, in which we can place a sensational figure of a Polish pilot, equipped with a van with a printed step and the emblem of Polish aviation. The camouflage reproduced from the blocks looks particularly beautiful. The set is accompanied by an exhibition stand containing a plate with the name of the set and the designation of nationality. Thanks to the intuitive instruction based on clear icons, the construction is simple. The aircraft is a must for all fans of aviation, military and military technology. It is also a perfect complement to the Armed Forces, Cold War and Korean War collections. In this series, we also released LIM-1, MIG-15 aircraft in the Soviet version and the Czechoslovak S-102.
The set was entirely manufactured in Poland in the European Union.

  • 575 high quality elements,
  • manufactured in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition,
  • meet safety standards for children's products,
  • fully compatible with other brands of building blocks,
  • blocks with prints do not deform and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature,
  • clear and intuitive instruction based on drawings and icons,
  • 100% prints, no stickers,
  • brick display stand,
  • name plate,
  • pilot figure,

Model Dimensions (LxWxH):
360 mm x 300 mm x 110 mm