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CaDA Lamborghini LP700 Sports Car with RC option 1:10 C63004

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Remote Control

CaDA LP700 Sports Car 1:10 scale model looks cool with its streamlined body, fighter design, and V10 engine. It has impressive features like conic headlights, scissor doors, air intake, and racing seat details. The center console and instrument panel are also well-designed.

Independent front and rear suspension provide superior handling on any terrain.

Manually open and close both doors independently through the switch on both sides of the body for added realism.

Manually open and close the hood of the car to reveal the intricate details of the engine.

Manually open and close the rear hood with a support bar to access the LP700's inner workings.

Steering wheel linkage head steering and pushing the car forward linkage engine piston movement add to the LP700's realism.

A power system kit can be installed to upgrade to a remote control racing car.

Remote control the car forward and backward left and right, and remote control the front and rear lights switch for added fun and versatility.

Model Number.: C63004W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 2088

Scale: 1:10

Product Size: L49.3-W22-H12.5cm

Color Box Measure: L46-W38-H10.5cm

Review:  Very cool new parts - Cada C63004W - LP700 Super-Car- Review - YouTube