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Marder III Sd.Kfz.139 COH3 #3050

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The set was developed under the license of Relic Entertainment, the studio that created the sensational strategy game Company of Heroes 3, set in the realities of World War II. Recreate the atmosphere of the game in the real world using licensed sets of COBI construction blocks!

The Marder III tank destroyer fought on many fronts of World War II. Until the introduction of the 88mm guns it was a very dangerous anti-tank weapon. Design of Sd.Kfz. 139 was based on the Panzer 38(t) chassis. The main armament was a modified Soviet cannon, adapted to German shells: 7.62 cm PaK 36(r).

MARDER III was developed in a scale of 1:35 matching the figures and consists of 420 COBI building blocks. In the set, the blocks have a completely new color, introduced for even better design of historical models! There are no stickers here, we only use high-quality, durable prints. The functionalities of the model are working tracks, rotating wheels, a place for a figure in the combat compartment and a movable cannon. The figure depicts a German mechanic with additional prints on the back. The set has been developed with attention to detail and is also a great development of the popular Historical Collection! Fans of history, blocks and virtual entertainment will find something enjoyable for themselves here!

420 high-quality elements
Manufactured in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition
The blocks meet the safety standards of products for children
Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Blocks with prints do not scratch or smear and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature
Clear and intuitive instructions based on illustrations and step-by-step directions
Block model of the vehicle
1 figure
Scale 1:35
A set under the original license of Company of Heroes 3
Blocks for adults that children can play with
Model dimensions (L x W x H) 180 mm x 70 mm x 90 mm