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Mould King

Mould King M1074 Abrams Tank Bridge Layer with Remote Control MK20002

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$259.99 CAD

The M1074 Joint Assault Bridge System (JAB, JABS) is an American armored military engineering vehicle based on the Abrams M1A1 main battle tank chassis.

Assemble one of the most complex mechanisms ever fitted to a block model and get past any gorge with the Assault Bridge Layer.

Scale: approx 1:10

Over 2300pcs
Over Half a Meter in Length
Remote Controlled Drive
Remote Controlled Bridge Laying Mechanism
Bridge is Over 1 Meter Long
Heavy Duty Tracks
2x PRO Series Extra Large Drive Motors
3x PRO Series Large Bridge Motors
Building Instruction Booklet Included in Parcel

64cm x 22cm x 24cm
25.2in x 8.7in x 9.4in

Bridge Dimensions:
130cm x 22cm x 5cm
51.1in x 8.7in x 1.9in