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Sd.Kfz 10 & Field Kitchen Executive Edition #2272 discontinued

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The Sd.Kfz.10 artillery tractor in the extended EXECUTIVE EDITION edition has been enriched with a model of the classic German field kitchen. The set includes figures of an Afrika Korps soldier and a cook. Both characters are equipped with numerous accessories, including canister, spade, knife, fish, cup, boxes and bucket. The set is completed with a black plate with the name of the kitchen and the vehicle. The field kitchen will not be sold separately and is only available in this set. Both models have been designed with attention to detail in a 1:35 scale using 367 elements. They contain moving elements and high-quality, durable prints. This collector's set perfectly complements the growing collection of historical block vehicles in 1:35 scale.

The construction of the kit is simple. Intuitive instruction based on clear icons will help you easily go through the entire process of a satisfactory construction. Build a history, piece by piece!

Sd.Kfz.10 DEMAG D7 is a light, half-track artillery tractor produced in 1937-1945 for the needs of the German army. The D7 was finally developed in 1939. The basic version could carry 2 crew members and 6 passengers (gun crew). It was the basic tractor used in motorized artillery. The popularity of the vehicle is evidenced by the production scale reaching 17,000 units.

The Kleine Feldküche (Hf. 14), i.e. the small field kitchen, is an improved version of the 1935 model that proved its worth during the Great War. The kitchen was equipped with a boiler with a capacity of 125 liters and a second smaller one with a capacity of 60 liters for coffee.

  • 367 high-quality blocks
  • produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition,
  • the blocks meet the safety standards for products for children,
  • fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks,
  • blocks with prints do not deform and do not fade while playing or under the influence of temperature,
  • clear and intuitive instruction based on drawings and icons,
  • 2 minifigures
  • DEMAG D7 half-track vehicle model,
  • field kitchen model
  • 1:35 scale,
  • black nameplate,

model dimensions (length x width x height)

vehicle: 145 mm x 65 mm x 60 mm

kitchen: 80 mm x 50 mm x 75 mm