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CaDA Solar System C71004

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Explore the mysteries of the universe with the CaDA Master Solar System model, designed by the renowned Canadian designer JK Brickworks. This interactive toy simulates the rotation of the sun, Earth, and moon, providing a unique and exciting way to learn about astronomy and space science. With its intricate design and realistic detailing, this model is sure to thrill both adults and children.

Clockwise rotation of the handle: The pointer-equipped turntable rotates counterclockwise, while the models of the sun, moon, and Earth begin to rotate.

The instruction manual includes knowledge about the solar system and also provides an introduction to the Traditional culture of Chinese 24 solar terms, with vivid illustrations and explanations.

The mechanical rotating bracket and base have a compact overall structure, making it perfect for display.

It provides children and adults with a hands-on learning opportunity, enabling them to better understand the principles of rotation, and the different phases of the solar system and the moon.

A perfect science gift for astronomy enthusiasts and children.

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