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CaDA Apollo Intensa Emozione V12 Hypercar with Remote Control 1:8 C61053

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$297.99 CAD

Designed by Suhwan Ji

CaDA V12 Hypercar features an alien-like front body, headlights, and a large air intake grille that adds a touch of futuristic supercar style to this already impressive model. This building set is an absolute must-have for supercar enthusiasts.

This V12 Hypercar is equipped with a monster motor that delivers unprecedented power. With two-speed switching, you can experience extreme speed while the electric motor roars like a wild beast, providing an immersive experience like no other.

Gullwing door design: The doors open upward at a 90-degree angle, revealing intricate internal details.

V12 engine: Linked with the motor to display immense power.

Iconic tail: Featuring an integrated oversized wing and adjustable rear diffuser.

A challenging build: With a total of 4449 pieces, this model offers an exquisite design that will deeply amaze you during the building process.

Model Number.: C61053W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 4449

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L60-W27-H14cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

Review:  CaDa's STUNNING v12 Hypercar! - YouTube